Learn how to withstand danger and be safe this 2020, with the best wireless security cameras available in the market.

Since people today often find an easier way to install security cameras to their home. That’s why cameras with wireless connectivity became popular because wireless cameras only need an internet connection or a battery to function and it is easy to install. Unlike cameras that require wired connectivity that needs professional installation and electricity to function.

Having a Security camera at your home, property and public places helps you track certain happenings within the vicinity, it can also help government authorities like the police to easily hunt down criminals. It also became a huge help in solving certain events in our modern time and became a major contributor to the news industry.

Today, we bring you the best security cameras & its features that will help you find what cameras best fit for our home, property and public areas.

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 is one of the highest-rated wireless indoor/outdoor security cameras. This camera is expensive but yet helpful due to its outstanding features. One of the best features of this app is it offers excellent 2K HDR video, with a 160-degrees viewing angle, motion sensor, spotlight, siren and many more.


-Excellent 2K streaming and record clips
-Google Assistant, Siri & Alexa support
-Siren built in the camera
-Alerts in different types of motion and
-Easy to install


-Expensive (Price ranges up to $500)
-Requires a hub for installation
-Some features are only available for subscription

Ring Stick Up Cam

Ring Stick up cam is not as expensive as Arlo Pro 3 but has the same features, the only thing is this camera doesn’t require a hub to install. This cam can provide you with a versatile battery oriented indoor/outdoor wireless security camera that records high-quality videos, sends instant alerts to your phone, tablet or PC whenever a suspicious motion is detected and lets you see, hear and speak to anyone within your area.


-Absolutely wire-free
-1080 HD visual display
-No hub required for installation
-Motion detection feature
-Built-in siren
-Alexa voice command support
-Easy to Install


-Expensive (Price ranges up to $179)
-Record videos require cloud subscription


Ezviz C6CN is one of the best worth-having security cameras to your home. This camera works in both wired/wireless connection and offers you a very high-quality video graphics. The best feature of this camera is the 360-degrees camera rotation and a 120-degrees tilt that can automatically track a certain motion in a certain room that hits the camera’s attention and alerts you in real-time.


-Very Affordable (Price ranges up to $49.99)
-1080 HD video graphics
-Two-way night audio, video display
-Motion detection
-Supports Google Assistant & Alexa voice commands
-Built-in siren
-Easy to Install


-Local SD card option may not offer enough space
-No ongoing free cloud storage

Swan 1080p Smart Security Camera

Another camera that is worth having to your home, property or businesses is the Swan 1080p Security Camera. This camera offers you a very clear 1080 video resolution at a very affordable price. Aside from its good visuals, this camera has features like heat motion sensing and supports Google Assistant & Alexa voice commands.


-Very Affordable (Price ranges from $89.99 up to $119)
-1080p video resolution
-Night vision distance up to 32ft/10m
-100% wireless
-Free local storage
-Supports Google Assistant & Alexa voice commands


-Camera last only for 6-8hrs run time
-Poor battery life span

Blink XT Home Security Camera System

Blink XT Security Camera is the best DIY security camera worth having to your home, which gives you a reliable service to ensure your safety and especially your loved ones.

This camera does not only stream high-quality video resolution, but it also lets you track the suspicious movement within the area due to its motion-sensing feature and gives you instant alerts. Blink XT also works with Alexa voice control.


-Motion detection
-Battery-powered security system
-720p up to 1080p video resolution
-Free Cloud Storage


-Expensive (Price ranges from $129 up to $249.99)
-No two-way audio
-Camera mount not flexible

Wyze Cam Pan

If you are looking for another budget-friendly security camera, you should try Wyze Cam Pan. This little Wi-Fi security camera can scan a very wide range of areas within a couple of seconds. Users can also adjust the settings of this camera to their own specifications with the use of its Pan feature that lets the camera scan automatically with the use of your own settings.


-Budget-friendly (Price ranges from $24.99 up to $65.97)
-Supports Alexa voice commands
-360-degrees security coverage with Pan feature
-Smart motion tracking
-1080p video visual resolution
-Free 14 day cloud storage


-Wired power cord
-Doesn’t support Google Assistant or web app
-Frequently miss motion alerts

Lorex Security Camera

Another weatherproof indoor/outdoor security camera is the Lorex security camera. This camera is designed with a 4k video resolution that is four times better than a 1080p video resolution camera, 60-ft night vision, and much more, with this users can see a very crisp and clear image quality that will help track suspicious happenings within a 200-ft radius.


-4k Ultra HD video resolution
-Great Night vision
-Automatic notification alerts
-Works with smartphones or tablet
-Easy to install


-Very Expensive (Price ranges from $129 up to $1,299)
-Not reliable Cloud storage

Neos Smartcam

Neos Smartcam is one of the best cheap wired security cameras that is available today, that offers users a 1080p video resolution, Motion & noise detection, two-way audio and lets users to set-up a schedule when the camera will start to record with the use of its application.

Download and Install their app through Google Play or in the App Store.


-Very cheap (Price ranges from €19.99 up to €39.98)
-1080p video resolution
-Free cloud storage
-Motion & Noise detection
-Works in smartphones & tablet
-Supports Alexa’s voice commands


-Not Weatherproof
-Not as smart as other expensive cameras
-Cloud storage very limited
-Can’t view camera footage within the app

D-Link HD WiFi Security Camera

If you are looking for a security camera that does not rely on cloud storage and you are more in favor of the camera store directly on the sd card D-Link HD WiFi is the one for you. The D-Link HD WiFi camera is designed to record videos with a clear 720p video resolution that will directly be saved to the SD Card and have a motion-detection feature that will alert you once the sensors are triggered.


-Affordable (Price ranges from $42.99 up to $108.79)
-Sharp 1080p video resolution
-Motion & Sound detection
-Supports Google & Alexa voice commands
-Free Cloud storage


-Inconsistent motion detection
-Minor barrel distortion

Logitech Circle 2 Wired

Logitech Circle camera is the best wired/wireless indoor/outdoor security camera that designed directly for home security. Also, Logitech Circle camera offers users a versatile set of features like 1080p video visual camera with 180-degrees viewing angle and many more.


-1080p video resolution
-Supports Alexa voice commands
-Free smart alerts with screenshots
-Wide-angle video with night vision
-Flexible installation options


-Expensive (Price ranges from $80.29 up to $138.28)
-The wired version is limited without accessories
-Charging cable a bit short compared to other cameras

Netatmo Welcome

The Netatmo welcome security camera is a wired/wireless indoor camera that is built and design specifically to monitor your home using its 1080p visual & facial recognition feature with 130-degrees of viewing angle. It also automatically sends alerts to users if intruders break-in their house with the use of the Netatmo App.

Download and Install their app through Google Play & App Store.


-Easy to set-up
-Reliable facial recognition
-Compact, understand the presence
-User-friendly application


-Expensive (Price ranges from $198.94 up to $269.74)
-Over-sensitive motion detection
-Piercing alerts

Regardless of what camera, features and user preference you choose, the most important thing is to have the best security camera that will let you feel 100% safe in any kind of suspicious activity that might happen in your home, property or business.